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Thursday, May 6, 2010

the fuNniest....


it amazed everyone in our class
there is sumbody who really talented in writing a humour short story
wacaya la beb. . .heeee~

let us read the story. . .


Last Saturday, Ahmad drove his jeep to the zoo. The component of his jeep such as geer and wheel function very well. At the zoo, Ahmad saw many animals such as duck, elephant, lion and many more. He was very excited. Then, he took his gun and start to shoot the animals. He manages to hit the duck's leg. At the same time, he felt that his tear was rolling down because he felt sorry for this animal. Then, he took a tab and cover the injury. After that, he decided to build a camp at there. He took a good sleep for a while. After he woke up, he felt hungry. He decided to cook the duck as his lunch. he blends the leave of oaks tree with some bud of rose. Then, he fry it together with the duck. He eat the food that he cook. "Why are you here?" the security guard asked him. "Finally, I manage to meet you," said the man. Ahmad run to the jungle nearby. The man chase him from the back. That man slip to the river. Ahmad win to hide from him. Ahmad felt that, the effort taht show by the man to catch him was in vain.


p/s:sorry to the writer...i choose the title without ur permission~huhuhu

just read...please dont bother bout the gramma error yor~wink3...

till then~chiaaaoooo. . .


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